The mission of IPO-Porto is to offer timely and patient focused healthcare, as well as prevention, research, training and education in the scope of Oncology, assuring high quality, humanism and efficiency levels.


There are several ways you can help IPO-Porto. From blood or platelets donation, to volunteering and money donations. All types of help are welcome in order for us to achieve the purpose that drives on a daily basis: To Care For You.

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IPO-Porto has 11 clinics and 26 services entirely at the patient’s disposal. Divided by specialization areas, the clinics and services provide customized treatment, close to the user and its family, so that each step of the treatment is clearly and consciously followed. At IPO-Porto, each patient is unique and enjoys all the necessary resources and treatments to solve his/her problem.

Informacao ao utente

IPO-Porto favors transparency in the relationship with its patients. In this area you will find a contact form where you can reach us and obtain information about the maximum guaranteed response times for surgeries or consultations in different specialties and clinics.

Centro de investigação 2Fighting cancer is a daily and permanent job, which requires constant research and reinvention efforts in search of new treatments, new methods and renewed hopes.
This job is not possible without the right people to develop it. So, we present the primary areas regarding Education and Research in IPO-Porto – two premises we consider shall go hand in hand.