Pharmaceutical Service

Os Serviços Farmacêuticos do IPO-Porto integram uma rede de cuidados multidisciplinares ao doente, permitindo garantir as necessidades na área do medicamento e assegurar a segurança, eficácia e qualidade em todo o circuito do medicamento.

The IPO-Porto Pharmaceutical Service is part of a multidisciplinary care network towards the patient, allowing guaranteeing the needs in terms of medications, guarantee security, effectiveness and quality throughout the entire circuit of the medication.

The scope of the Pharmaceutical Service also includes providing information and clarifications to the patient and the health professionals in the area of medication.

Mission and Values

IPO-Porto is part of the “Serviço Nacional de Saúde” (Portuguese National Health Service) and its main mission is to provide oncological hospital healthcare to the population, with the utmost quality, humanism and efficiency.

IPO-Porto and its staff are guided by values such as the dignity of the person, social responsibility and participation, having always the focus on the oncological patient, who is the centre of the entire assistance activity. Thus, the human and technical means shall be organized so as to provide customized, homogeneous and broad care services.

The Pharmaceutical Service of this health public institution lies within this scope of operation, a fundamental link to guarantee excellent care to patients, safeguarding the total control of the medication circuit and promoting technical and scientific evolution by cooperating in research and education.


Pharmaceutical Service


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