Cardiology Service

O Serviço de Cardiologia é um serviço clínico de apoio a doentes com patologias cardíacas.

The Cardiology Service is a support clinical service, located on the 3rd floor of the Main Building.


Evaluation of patients with suspicions of cardiac pathology, proposed for surgery and/or chemo and radiotherapy treatment;

Follow-up of patients with cardiac pathology, already diagnosed prior to their arrival at the Institute, and in active treatment or in follow-up of their oncological disease;

Treatment of cardiac complications due to oncological diseases, chemo and radiotherapy treatments;

Execution of diagnosis complementary exams, requested by the several consultations and hospitalization, as well as own cardiology consultation;

Monitoring patients with pacemaker under radiotherapy and when needing to take CAT scans.



Cardiology Service
Diretor de Serviço
Drª. Isabel Gonçalves
Técnico Coordenador
Jorge Manuel Silva Narciso


225 084 000
225 084 001
Edifício Principal, piso 3