Endocrinology Service

O Serviço de Endocrinologia do Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto dedica-se ao estudo dos doentes com patologia oncológica endócrina, nas suas vertentes de diagnóstico, terapêutica e seguimento.

The “Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto” Endocrinology Service is dedicated to studying patients with endocrine oncological pathology, its diagnosis, therapeutics and follow-up aspects.


– Keep high quality standards in the assistance service;

– Keep a high patient’s satisfaction level;

– Continuous promotion of quality;

– Organization of scientific events for updating the oncological endocrine pathology area;

– Active cooperation in national and international scientific events and actions;

– Keep the post-graduate formative ability and suitability attributed by the Medical Association to train interns in Endocrinology;

– Keep the promotion of internships for interns from other hospital institutions and/or interns from specialities other than Endocrinology;

– Keep participating in clinical research studies;

– Promote continuous updating and post-graduate training.



Endocrinology Service
Diretor de Serviço
Drª. Isabel Torres


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