Gynaecology Service

O Serviço de Ginecologia é um centro de atendimento às doentes com patologia oncológica ginecológica, devidamente identificado e constituído por um quadro de pessoal próprio.

The Gynaecology Service is a reception centre for patients with gynaecological oncological pathology, dully identified and with its own staff.

Its mission:

1. Assure the multidisciplinary aspect to the timely treatment of oncological patients of the gynaecological kind;

2. Establish rules of clinical guidance for each pathology regarding diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, being regularly updated;

3. Define criteria for hospitalization and discharge in/from the institution;

4. Continuous training for its staff, with active participation in training sessions, courses and congresses;

5. Promote and participate in basic and clinical research projects in the area of Gynaecology;

6. Pre-graduate training for interns of the speciality;

7. Participate in tracking programs;

8. Promote contact with other Health Units;

9. Promote and implement protocols with other Health Institutions.



Gynaecology Service
Diretor de Serviço
Drª. Almerinda Petiz


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