Day Hospital

O Hospital de Dia (HD) do Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto é um serviço especializado em tratamento ambulatório, integrado no Departamento de Medicina, destinado fundamentalmente à administração de terapêutica médica antineoplásica.

Location: Medicine Building, 2nd floor

The “Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto Francisco Gentil (IPOPFG-EPE)” Day Hospital (HD) is a service specialized in ambulatory treatment, integrated in the Medicine Department, mainly destined to administering antineoplastic medical therapeutic.

Its mission relates to the oncological patient’s excellent medical treatment, resorting to chemotherapy, hormone therapy, monoclonal antibodies, bisphosphonates and other support therapies. It also promotes education and training within this oncology area, as well as clinical research, namely in the area of clinical trials and translation research, in cooperation with the Research Centre.

The Day Hospital intends to become a Centre of Excellence for medical treatment of cancer patients, through a multidisciplinary approach, privileging at all times the psychosocial wellbeing of the patient and his/her family.

On the research area, it ambitions to continue developing projects of clinical and translational research, namely in the area of psycho-oncology, pharmacogenomics and pharmacoeconomics.

When developing its activities, the Service adheres to the following values:

a) Humanization of the care, respecting and valuing the psychosocial and cultural sides of the individual;

b) Provision of quality healthcare services, according to the oncology state of the art;

c) Professionals’ participation on the Service’s valuation and improvement, in all its sides: organization, technique, human and social.



Day Hospital
Diretor de Serviço
Joaquina Maurício


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