Immunohaemotherapy Service

O Serviço de Imuno-Hemoterapia está vocacionado para a implementação de metodologias técnico-científicas de modo a assegurar a qualidade e segurança do ato transfusional em oncologia, e intervir no diagnóstico e terapêutica de situações clínicas definidas como do âmbito da especialidade de Imuno-Hemoterapia.

The Immunohaemotherapy Service aims to implement technical-scientific methodologies to assure quality and safety to the transfusion operation in oncology, and intervene in the diagnosis and therapeutic of clinical situations defined as being within the scope of the Immunohaemotherapy speciality. It intervenes by providing care, training, education and cooperating, when requested, in research protocols.

The Immunohaemotherapy Service is certified according to the standard reference NP EN ISO 9001:2008 by APCER and is authorized to operate by the “Autoridade para os Serviços de Sangue e da Transplantação” (Authority for Blood and Transplantation Service).


The Immunohaemotherapy Service intends to be recognized as a reference for transfusion support of the oncological patient, relaying confidence to the community for blood components and clinical services it provides, in an integrated manner with the scientific advances in Oncology.

It ambitions to be nationally recognized as a reference for prophylaxis and treatment of venous thromboembolic disease associated to oncological disease.

It wishes that the laboratorial diagnosis area fulfils the expectations of the requesting physicians and that the results are provided after a critical analysis and in an integrated fashion with the clinic by the Immunohaemotherapy physician.

It intends to convey confidence when receiving benevolent donors, guaranteeing the loyalty of young donors and the maintenance of a file of regular donors.

This must be accomplished with a commitment of adherence to simple and innovative quality measures and that, by training and researching, allows the application of best practices in which the humanization of care must be privileged.


Focus on the person – patients, donors and professionals;



Creativity and sustainability.

 Quality policy

Evolve from a technical and scientific point of view to reach a high quality level in all analytical procedures and clinical operations, by using adequate technology and continuously training professionals;

Allow easy accessibility and provide diagnosis and treatments for patients in due time;

Continuously monitoring performance by analysing results of quality control, following up indicators, performing internal and external audits for Quality, assessing the perception of the Institution’s patients and Clinical Services regarding services provided by this Service;

Assure compliance of all legal and scientific quality requirements in procedures performed with the transfusion chain so as to provide innocuous blood components for transfusion in light of current knowledge, cooperating in the multidisciplinary treatment of the oncological patient;

Guarantee clinical training necessary to interpret and provide analytical results in the areas of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Viral Serology and Immunohematology, by divulging the procedures of the Service related to requests from the Assistance Services;

Maintain a healthy work environment where professionals are valued and their effort acknowledged;

Promote training so as to improve the understanding of Transfusion Medicine on an institutional level;

To be a reference for the training of specialists in Immunohaemotherapy:

Improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of care provided by the Service;

Develop procedures needed to assure compliance with the Institution’s haemosurveillance program, in articulation with national guidelines, as well as the ones from the European Community.



Immunohaemotherapy Service
Diretor de Serviço
Drª. Luísa Lopes dos Santos


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Edifício dos Laboratórios, piso 2