Nuclear Medicine Service

O Serviço de Medicina Nuclear (SMN) é um serviço hospitalar, integrado no Departamento de Imagem.

The “IPO-Porto Francisco Gentil, EPE” Nuclear Medicine Service (SMN) is a hospital service, integrated in the Image Department. It is essentially an ambulatory unit, having an own physical space, dully identified, and own staff. It develops its activity in the diagnosis and therapeutic area using radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive substances), having a technical ability to conduct nearly all Nuclear Medicine exams.


IPO-Porto SMN seeks to perform, in due time, diagnosis and therapeutic medical operations, education, training and scientific research, in the scope of radiopharmaceuticals medical applications, assuring high quality levels.  


Nuclear Medicine Service
Diretor de Serviço
Dr. Hugo Duarte
Técnica Coordenadora
Maria Irene Paula


225 084 000
225 084 001
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