Microbiology Service

O Serviço de Microbiologia é composto por uma equipa multidisciplinar, empenhada no diagnóstico microbiológico de todos os doentes do IPO-Porto e/ou qualquer outra Instituição que solicite os seus serviços.

The Microbiology Service is comprised by a multidisciplinary team, committed to the microbiological diagnosis of all IPO-Porto patients and/or from another Institution that requests its services.

The Microbiology Service is integrated in the Laboratorial Diagnosis Department and is organized in distinct sectors:

– Bacteriology Laboratory;

– Mycobacterium Laboratory;

– Mycology Laboratory;

– Parasitology Laboratory;

– Serology Laboratory;

– Molecular Biology Laboratory.


– Provide laboratorial microbiology services in the areas of diagnosis, information regarding the prognosis and follow-up of patients, with quality and in due time, using the best technology possible and assuring high levels of demand and quality;

– Training in service, permanent update of the scientific, technical and professional knowledge of its entire staff, as well as development and participation in scientific research works and operations;

– Development of its activity, reaching the highest levels of efficiency by taking the maximum advantage of the human and technical means available and the best optimization of the cost/effectiveness relation.



Microbiology Service
Diretora de Serviço
Drª. Maria Augusta Guimarães


225 084 000
225 084 001
Edifício do Laboratórios, piso 4, ala norte