Neurosurgery Service

O Serviço de Neurocirurgia insere-se na Instituição como um dos Serviços Clínicos Hospitalares de Apoio. O Serviço de Neurocirurgia encontra-se funcionalmente inserido na Clínica Oncológica do Sistema Nervoso Central.

The Neurosurgery Service is one of the Institution’s Support Hospital Clinical Services.

The Neurosurgery Service is functionally inserted in the Oncological Clinic of the Central Nervous System. Regarding facilities, the Service uses two offices, one for consultations and another as nursing room, and one meeting room. It has three surgery periods per week, which totals 18 hours.

The Neurosurgery Service seeks to provide the best response to all cooperation requests made by the Institute’s Oncological Clinics and Services, for diagnosis and treatment in the scope of this Speciality.

The Neurosurgery Service is ruled by Therapeutic Guidance Protocols, resulting from international consensuses.


The Neurosurgery Service provides specialist assistance in the area of Neurosurgery to IPO-Porto patients and opens up, according to the request made by the Institution’s Board, to other assistance activities in the scope of its competences.


The Neurosurgery Service intends to develop as a Reference Centre, both to the Institution’s interior and exterior, regarding the treatment of cerebral and vertebral oncological pathologies.

It intends to continue its continuous training program for innovation, including the adherence to national and international multifocused studies.

It intends to maintain a close cooperation with the best International Centres of the Speciality.


The values that rule the Service’s activity are: respect and promotion for the patient’s autonomy; concern for optimizing the use of resources; contribute to improve the health gains in oncology/neurosurgery; will to achieve the institutional objectives.


Provide care to patients with the team work spirit for a common good, the best assistance to the patients and their families.

Favour the patient’s satisfaction in the assistance and therapeutic care.

Assure the quality of the services provided, which is controlled and evaluated by implementing the quality improvement objectives, annually planned and evaluated.

Assure the compliance of the patients’ rights charter, namely pertaining confidentiality, dignity, privacy, culture and religious beliefs.

Promote training and permanent updating of the Service’s professionals, according to the guidelines supplied, for this area, by the IPO-Porto FG EPE management and training departments.

Guarantee that the Institution’s current standards are complied with.


Diretor do Serviço
Dr. Machado Carvalho


225 084 000
225 084 012
Edifício Principal, piso 3