Surgical Oncology Service

O Serviço de Oncologia Cirúrgica do IPO-Porto é um moderno serviço de cirurgia, especializado no tratamento de doentes com cancro, constituído por um conjunto de profissionais com formação específica e treinados na abordagem integral de doentes com cancro.

The IPO-Porto Surgical Oncology Service is a modern surgery service, specialized in treating cancer patients, constituted by a group of professionals with specific training and experienced in the full approach of cancer patients. Surgery is an essential part of the treatment of patients with multiple types of cancer, yet it is well established that to obtain the best results, besides resorting to more or less complex surgical techniques, the sequential and coordinated intervention of Surgical Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Radio Oncologists and a broad set of specialized professionals in the multidisciplinary approach of cancer patients, capable of developing individualized plans, are needed.


The mission of the Surgical Oncology service consists on providing the suitable clinical treatment to each patient according to the state of the art, resorting to the most innovative techniques, supported by the best scientific evidence, counting on the experience of teams of surgeons dedicated to each type of cancer with the purpose of maximizing survival and increasing the patient’s quality of life, but always taking into account their needs as a person and the respect for their dignity.


The objective of the Surgical Oncology Service is to provide a high quality service, customized and humane, offering the most advanced technical resources. The education and training of medical students and physicians in complementary and specialized internships are one of the pillars of this service’s activity, by updating the scientific knowledge and disseminating the best practices of cancer diagnosis and treatment, stimulating the clinical research and emphasizing the importance of multidisciplinarity in the modern cancer therapy.


In the IPO-Porto Surgical Oncology Service, patients are treated in a multidisciplinary perspective, benefiting from the discussion of their treatment plan in multidisciplinary meetings, with the application of innovative treatment protocols and inclusion in clinical trials. These multidisciplinary meetings are held weekly in each pathology area and constitute the cornerstone of the hospital’s activity, where the complex cases are debated, the treatment plans are defined for each patient, the surgery results are reviewed, the complementary treatments are selected and the cases with indication for inclusion in clinical trials are analysed.


The IPO-Porto Surgical Oncology Service is constituted by physicians with the speciality of General Surgery with specific training in Oncology. There is currently wide consensus regarding that the best results are achieved when teams are constituted by experienced professionals specially dedicated to certain pathology. The physicians in the Surgical Oncology Service develop their activity according to their specialization area in specific functional units for each type of pathology, named Pathology Clinics, where patients may benefit from the surgical treatment performed by professionals experienced in the use of the most advanced techniques and executed with the highest quality standards in areas such as:

– Breast cancer surgery;

– Colon and rectal cancer surgery;

– Oesophagus and stomach cancer surgery;

– Liver and pancreas cancer surgery;

– Malignant peritoneal cancer surgery;

– Head and neck tumours surgery;

– Endocrine tumours surgery;

– Soft tissue tumours surgery;

– Melanoma and skin tumours surgery


Surgical Oncology Service
Diretor de Serviço
Dr. Joaquim Abreu Sousa


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