Clinical Chemistry Service

O Serviço de Química Clínica (SQC) é um Serviço autónomo integrado no Departamento de Diagnóstico Laboratorial.

The Clinical Chemistry Service (SQC) is an independent Service integrated in the Laboratorial Diagnosis Department.

 Mission, Values and Objectives

The Clinical Chemistry Service shares the IPO-Porto FG and the Laboratorial Diagnosis Department cooperative objectives, contributing to achieve them with a service of the utmost quality.

SQC acknowledges that these objectives can only be achieved and maintained by adopting an innovative attitude, by investing on research and developing knowledge of the patients’ needs and requirements and their satisfaction.

 SQC has the following objectives:

a) Provide services in the Diagnosis Complementary Means domain, focusing on the concern to understand the needs of the patients and their physicians, by a customized reception and a constant follow-up of the technical and scientific evolution, respecting the applicable standards and legislation.

b) Encourage the status of reference institution at a national and international level and consolidate the IPO-Porto image as a synonym of excellence in the scope of Diagnosis Complementary Means.

 Quality Policy

SQC understands Quality in the perspective of developing a culture that generates not only integrated and sustained management ability, but also of ethical posture in the professional scope.

The Quality Policy stands on the following fundamental aspects:

a) Provide services in the domain of Diagnosis Complementary Means that guarantee and exceed, whenever possible, the satisfaction of the clients’ needs (patients, physicians and institutions) according to the current technical and regulatory specifications;

b) Encourage innovation and continuous improvement of the services’ technical quality, seeking to permanently update the knowledge and acquisition of technical-scientific potential, as well as the necessary means;

c) Our client is the reason we exist and it shall always be treated in a dignified and respectful manner, with the utmost consideration and dedication;

d) Conduct the activity justly and ethically and always maintaining a professional attitude;

e) Team spirit shall always be promoted so as to become a strong foundation in SQC, with the conscience that the involvement and sensitization of the whole staff shall facilitate to perform the functions and simplify the suppression of problems;

f) Continuous training of all the professionals cooperating with SQC is deemed essential for the growth and continuous improvement which it intends to achieve;

g) Maintain a Quality Management System active and in constant improvement.


Clinical Chemistry Service
Diretor do Serviço
Dr. Luís Araújo


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