Intervention Radiology Service

O Serviço de Radiologia de Intervenção do IPO-Porto existe há vários anos como serviço clínico dotado de autonomia administrativa e funcional. Proporciona aos doentes todas a técnicas minimamente invasivas e guiadas pelas diversas técnicas de imagem (ecografia, tomografia computorizada, radioscopia e ressonância magnética).

The IPO-Porto Intervention Radiology Service exists for several years as a clinical service with secretarial and functional independence, and as a service that provides patients all the minimal invasive techniques and guided by the various imaging techniques (ultrasonography, computed tomography, radioscopy and magnetic resonance).

It is organized in three functional units:

Angiography Unit

Ultrasonography Intervention Unit

CT Intervention Unit

It has a staff of nurses, Radiology technicians and medical operations auxiliaries to provide full medical assistance and support towards the patients.

Most procedures are performed in ambulatory/external consultation; however, the service has beds for inpatients, for procedures that may require hospitalization.

It also has a recovery and surveillance unit after procedures, with capacity for five patients.

The service’s secretariat is assured by Cláudia Saraiva.

The Service is currently a reference for the Vascular and Non-Vascular Intervention traineeships, included in the Radiology Medical Internship.

MD. Interns from other Radiology Service in the country cooperate and have specific training in this Service. Several students from the Radiology Technical Course also perform their specific traineeships in this Service.

For the patients and the several specific pathologies, the service performs the most current techniques according to the state of the art, actively cooperating with various renowned international services and in the Oncology area.

It also conducts innovative techniques, some in study phase, for certain specific pathologies.

The Service is part of multifocused clinical trials, namely regarding Radioembolization of hepatic tumours with Yttrium-90 (Y-90).

This Service is available to perform intervention procedures for all the Portuguese hospitals and for discussing several cases, regarding patients or institution that request it.


Intervention Radiology Service
Diretor de Serviço
Drª. Maria José Sousa


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