Radiotherapy Service

O IPO-Porto iniciou as suas funções em abril de 1974, sendo que o Departamento de Radioterapia existe desde a sua fundação.

IPO-Porto started its work in April 1974, being that the Radiotherapy Department exists since its founding. This department includes two autonomous services: the External Radiotherapy Service and the Brachytherapy Service. The Medical Physics Service is independent, interacting with the Services of External Radiotherapy, Brachytherapy, Radiobiology Laboratory, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

The main mission of the External Radiotherapy Service is to treat the patients referenced to it, predominantly with oncological disease, originating from the IPO-Porto Multidisciplinary Group Consultations, as well as patients from other regions in the North of the country, with which it has established cooperation assistance protocols.

It also has been developing competences in the treatment of non-oncological diseases.

The Radiotherapy Department has full training capacity, cooperating in the training of human resources, namely at the post-graduate level, in the scope of the Specific Training Internship in Radiotherapy and other specialities. It cooperates in masters and pre-graduate training courses for physicians and Radiotherapy Technicians.

The Radiotherapy Service promotes scientific research in the Oncology area, participating in national and international research programs, being an active member of EORTC (European Organization of Research and Treatment of Cancer) and maintaining a close cooperation with the IPO-Porto Research Centre, as well as other international research groups, according to the institutional guidelines.

The External Radiotherapy Unit, opened in March 2011, is located in a new building with around 6,000 m2 that also includes a laboratorial area for Radiobiology research, implanted on the physical space that constitutes the “Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto”.


Radiotherapy Service


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