SANP – Non Programmed Service

O Serviço de Atendimento Não Programado (SANP) tem como objetivo a prestação de assistência médica contínua aos doentes do IPO.

SANP has the purpose of providing continuous medical assistance to IPO patients.

SANP has its own space, open 24 hours a day, to receive patients coming from ambulatory. This space is supported by a waiting room and a secretarial counter.

Access to SANP is exclusive to patients enrolled in IPO-Porto who are in active treatment of oncological disease and whose acute situation derives from it or is induced by the therapy. SANP can also receive patients with acute oncological pathology dully referenced from outside.

During regular business hours of the Pathology Services/Clinics, observation of patients resorting to SANP shall be supported by one or more of these units, depending on the base oncological disease and the symptoms presented at the time.

It is an achieved purpose of this “SANP” and of the teams working there, to provide prompt and effective answers to all patients who seek them in a critical stage.




SANP – Non Programmed Service
Diretor de Serviço
Dr. Licínio Rego
Enfermeiro Chefe
Enf. Fernando Monteiro


225 084 000
225 084 001
Edifício Principal, piso 3