Operating Theatre Service

A funcionar desde 1993 nas atuais instalações, o Bloco Operatório Central do IPO-Porto possui, neste momento, sete salas de operações polivalentes e uma Unidade de Cuidados pós-anestésicos dotada de sete unidades.

Operating since 1993 in the current facilities, the IPO-Porto Central Operating Theatre has, at this moment, 7 polyvalent surgery rooms and one Post-Anaesthetics Care Unit with 7 units.

Its mission is to provide the IPO-Porto FG, EPE patients with a structure capable of hosting them with full respect and able to provide proper treatments, suitable to their clinical condition, and according to the international rules and good practices criteria defined for Operating Theatres, developing and applying quality and efficiency criteria for all the perioperative activity and optimizing all the installed capacity.

The team is comprised by, besides the Director and the Head-Nurse of the Operating Theatre, 45 Nurses and 16 Operational Assistants.


Operating Theatre Service
Diretor de Serviço
Dr. Rui Valente
Enfermeiro Chefe
Enf. Graça Miguel


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22 508 40 01
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