Medical Oncology Service

O Serviço de Oncologia Médica tem por missão principal a prestação de cuidados de saúde hospitalares oncológicos à população, com a máxima qualidade, humanismo e eficiência.


The main mission of the Medical Oncology Service is to provide the population with oncological hospital healthcare with the utmost quality, humanism and efficiency. During the development if its activity, the Service is ruled by values such as the person’s dignity, social responsibility and participation, so it can contribute to the development and improvement of the institutions in all its aspects, organizational, technical, human and social.

Also, it is part of the Service’s mission to develop research, training and education activities in the scope of Oncology.


The Medical Oncology Service has the following objectives:

1. Provide specialized hospital care to patients with cancer in all the stages of the disease, focusing the assistance activity around the oncological patient, using the highest technical standards and according to the state of the art.

2. Establish and implement diagnosis, treatment and follow-up guidance standards for the various types of cancer.

3. Promote clinical research in Oncology.

4. Practice and promote pre- and post-graduate education in Oncology.

5. Cooperate and support congener Services from other Institutions in the scope of the “Rede de Referenciação Oncológica” (Oncological Referencing Network).

6. Participate in national and international scientific organizations in the scope of Oncology and follow the scientific and technical progresses made regarding the treatment of the oncological disease.

7. Cooperate with the Oncological Registration.


The Hospitalization is on the 3rd and 4th floors of building B.

The Medical Oncology external consultations and the group consultations are held in the respective Pathology Clinics, on the Ambulatory’s 3rd floor.


Medical Oncology Service
Diretor de Serviço
Drª. Deolinda Pereira


225 084 000
225 084 001
Edifício B, piso 3 e 4