Cellular Therapy Service

Este Serviço intervém com segurança no tratamento multidisciplinar do doente oncológico, disponibilizando progenitores hematopoiéticos e componentes celulares de elevada qualidade.

The Cellular Therapy Service is located on the 1st and 3rd floors of the Laboratories Building.

On the 3rd floor, the facilities are spacious, with direct light and air conditioning. This floor also has the cells collection rooms and laboratories, as well as the photopheresis room. The Cellular Therapy Service processes the cells collected in sterile and controlled environments, being the only Service within this area to have this kind of work conditions.

On the 1st floor there is the cells storage area. The current facilities in this room have the potential for developing other cellular therapy projects.

The Cellular Therapy Service is authorized by the National Regulatory Entity for the Collection, Analysis, Distribution and Cells Exportation activities;

It is certified according to the referential standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008 by APCER (Portuguese Certification Association);

This Service is also referenced as a collection centre for peripheral hematopoietic parents, bone marrow and lymphocytes by CEDACE (National Centre for Donors of Bone Marrow, Staminal or Umbilical Cord Blood Cells).


Cellular Therapy Service
Diretor de Serviço
Drª. Susana Roncon


225 084 141
225 084 046
Edifício dos Laboratórios, pisos 1 e 3