Pain Study and Treatment Unit

A Unidade de Estudo e Tratamento da Dor (UETD) do IPO-Porto iniciou a sua atividade em Maio de 1980, sendo constituída desde o início pelas especialidades de Anestesiologia, Neurocirurgia e Psiquiatria. Posteriormente, foram integradas a Fisiatria e a Oncologia Médica.

The IPO-Porto Oncological Chronic Pain Unit started its activity in May 1980, having been constituted from the beginning by the specialities of Anaesthesiology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. Afterwards, Physiatry and Medical Oncology were included.

It started its activity with a weekly consultation, in the afternoon period; the need to increase the number of consultations was rapidly recorded, and today we already have daily availability of medical and nursing consultations.

During this path, the need arose to evolve to Pain Study and Treatment Unit, given that according to our understanding pain goes far beyond the pharmacological prescription; this new name appears in 2006 and accompanies the need of us coming together as a team with several differentiation areas, whether in the knowledge of pain, the biology of cancer, the treatments, the sequels of the disease or in the actual treatments.


  • To treat properly and timely non-controlled oncological chronic pain in patients during any stage of the disease;
  • To treat the late painful complications of the oncological disease and sequels of the anti-tumour treatments performed;
  • To assure maximum levels of quality, humanism and efficiency, given that the pain control implies the symptom’s relief, and whenever possible, the functional and emotional rehabilitation of the patient and primary carers;
  • To assure activity in the research area, training and education;

The assistance mission is based on the WHO principle – every human being is entitled to the treatment of pain.


Pain Study and Treatment Unit
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