Virology Service

O Serviço de Virologia dispõe de uma equipa multidisciplinar, empenhada no diagnóstico virológico de todos os doentes do IPO-Porto e/ou qualquer outra Instituição que solicite os seus serviços.

The Virology Service has a multidisciplinary team, committed in the virological diagnosis of all IPO-Porto patients and/or any other Institution that requests its services.

The Virology Service is part of the Laboratorial Diagnosis Department and is organized in two distinct sectors:

– Viral immunology laboratory;

– Molecular biology laboratory.

The Virology Service supports the diagnosis of all the patients in IPO-Porto, whether inpatients or outpatients.

It regularly participates in the NEQAS Quality External Control program, so as to adopt eventual corrective measures for an efficient performance if this Service.

The Virology Service mission is as follows:

– Provide laboratorial virology services in the areas of diagnosis, information regarding the prognosis and monitoring of patients with proper quality and time, using the most suitable technology and assuring high levels of demand and quality.

– Provide practical training, permanent update of scientific, technical and professional knowledge of its entire staff, as well as the development and participation in scientific works and research.

– Develop its activity achieving the highest levels of efficiency; by taking the most advantage possible of the human and technical resources available and the highest optimization of the cost/effectiveness ratio.


Virology Service
Diretor de Serviço
Drª. Inês Baldaque


225 084 000
225 084 001
Edifício dos Laboratórios, piso 4, ala sul